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Hermann Buchner

Detailed war memories of Herman Buchner. Buchner is one of the "Altschlachtflieger" (lit.old attack pilot) as he flew with SG 1 long before the official birth of the "Schlacht" arm in fall 1943. Nice stories and photos, although some of the things happend were described different to me by surviving squad mates.



German issue of a weekly magazine. Engish versions highly possible. No.s 80 and 81 deal with Schlachtflieger. Well illustrated introduction.


German anti-tank aircraft

Manfred Griehl / Joachim Dressel

Not reviewed yet !.


Hs 129: Panzerjäger !

Martin Pegg

Best account on a part of the Schlacht arm and the Hs 129. Highly recommanded !

Not inexpensive and out of print ! Try large bookstores. I found my one about six weeks ago in Waterstones in Birmingham !.


Focke Wulf 190 F, G

JaPo Publishing

Detailed account on the Schlacht variants of the Fw 190. Text in Czech. Good value..


Focke Wulf 190 in combat

Alfred Price

A couple of chapters on Schlachtflieger and Schnellkampfflieger. Good introduction.


Spearhead for Blitzkrieg

Gen. Paul Deichmann with A. Price

Quite disappointing account. Despite it a good introduction. The paperback is definitly worth it, being priced at 7 Dollars.


Mein Kriegstagebuch

Hans-Ulrich Rudel

Autobiographie of the most successful divebomber and tank killer pilot. I suppose English translations exist. A bit too uncritical. Personally I am not convinced by his kill tally as fellow pilots told me that a lot of his kills did not burn and were recovered during the nights. Consequently his 500+ kills include a high number of "successfully attack" tanks. Quite a difference to a confirmed tank kill.


Luftwaffe ground attack units, 1939-45

Martin Pegg

Quite old and basic work published by Osprey. Due to missing new and good publications still a standard work.